WageCan Business offers companies a wide range of digital asset products as the ultimate functions including multifunctional HR Payroll Platform, a variety of custody services, and creating invoices that accept cryptocurrencies as payment for companies to vendors. Your company may get overall saving and investing experiences to build your portfolio your way, hold onto excellent workers, and connect your business to the booming digital asset potentiality.

HR Payroll

Multifunctional HR Payroll platform

  • Complete automation system for workforce management
  • Cross-border payments with multi-currency support, including fiat and digital currency anywhere around the world
  • APIs available for Integration
  • Seamlessly shift between digital currencies/assets on the go
  • Get early access to WageCan digital asset investment to the mainstream with even a small percentage of the salary periodically to boost your wage
  • Instant, fast, and low-cost transaction
  • High security on-chain, transparent, better in combating fraud
  • Bonus – Reward achievements and show gratitude to employees

Custody Service

It allows companies to offer alternative digital investments on pension, education fund, escrow fund, and more for employees. This expanded incentive not only embraces the growing trend toward the use of digital assets as a payment option by employers but also helps increase the pipeline of talent to benefit employers, startups, cities, local businesses and the region overall.

Use Cases:

  • Pension – Provide additional pensions on cryptocurrency investments besides retaining other traditional retirement accounts
  • Education funds – Invest next generations
  • Escrow funds – Purchase real estates
  • Financial institutions – Hold digital assets
Construction Management

İnşaat yönetimi

Tasarım, inşaat, üreticilere ödeme, ödeme paketleri, ilerleme izleme, ev teslimatı ve satış sonrası hizmetin en başından itibaren, ihtiyacınız olan tek şey, tüm bilgilerin her zaman, her yerde senkronize edilmesini sağlamak için aynı platformu kullanmaktır, çalışan verimliliğini hızlandırmaktır ve hata oranlarını azaltın.

Property Management

Mülkiyet yönetimi

WageCan, çok uluslu mülk yönetimi, kapsamlı kiralama yönetimi hizmeti ve müşteri hizmetleri sağlar.