The State-of-the-Art Platform on WageCan to Meet Payroll Needs in GameFi Trend

The demonstration occurring on July 30 when transactions on Binance Smart Chain outstripped Ethereum’s, GameFi has demonstrated the potential to be the next blockchain battleground after DeFi. General partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, Arianna Simpson said, “The intersection of crypto and gaming is one of the most exciting areas in tech today.” GameFi is a mixture of DeFi and video games, a gamified monetary sector through which customers could make income by enjoying video games. Another widespread time period for this space is “play-to-earn.”*bgebAdq3Mu7t6E8bHK4GrA.jpeg

Play-to-earn is a high-potential area within the NFT space, and we’re already seeing some great market validation, which has resulted in a price surge across most gaming-related tokens. NFT gaming, especially the play-to-earn variety, is becoming an integral part of the developing metaverse, with Russo stating, “I believe play-to-earn gaming will be one of the major pillars of the emerging metaverse.” Value is the primary idea of GameFi, the place “playing” flows seamlessly into “work” and “earn”. The GameFi craze has modified the informal gaming ecosystem. By giving customers the alternative to earn profitable rewards, gaming is not a waste of cash for players, it is extra about creating wealth. The NFT summer season 2021 was a GameFi summer season, with a slew of crypto-based video games and token price hikes like a storm. On Aug. 9, Axie Infinity (AXS) crossed $1 billion in all-time volume, cementing the game’s position as one of the major projects in the current bullish NFT epoch. Tweeting on Aug. 6, Axie Infinity revealed that it had crossed the 1-million daily active-player mark. Just as the Axie token price has grown 18-fold since early June, the game’s userbase has also grown 1,000% within the same period.

There is even data to suggest that titles like Axie Infinity are becoming an occupation of sorts for the younger demographic, especially those living in countries impacted by the current economic downturns occasioned by COVID-19. With more than half of Axie’s one million daily active users hailing from the Philippines, this represents a fast-growing group of people who are doing financially better than most amid a long and brutal economic downturn. The NFT-based game works on the play-to-earn model, which means players can convert their tokens into real-life money and provide for their families. Hoping to benefit from the success of the blockchain game, merchants in the Philippines are now accepting Axie’s SLP token.

To simplify cross-border payments for a global workforce, WageCan offers a variety of salary options that benefit both employers and employees to meet payroll needs in the GameFi trend. WageCan has launched cutting-edge multifunctional digital asset HR & Payroll solutions to make multi-cryptocurrency payments for employees to receive wages anywhere around the world. Here’s all you need to know about the best service WageCan offers: what it is, how it works, and why any individual in the 21st century needs to get on board this productivity gravy train.

  1. Offer a variety of salary options- Accept a portion or all of their salaries in cryptocurrency into the encrypted wallet.- Deposit into prepaid debit cards or virtual cards which can be used daily.
  2. Seamlessly shift between digital currencies/assets on the go
  3. Simplified cross-border payments for a global workforce
  4. Offer bonus or commission in cryptocurrency
  5. Instant, fast, and low-cost transaction
  6. multi-cryptocurrency payments to employees and receive wages anywhere around the world
  7. High-security on-chain, transparent, better in combating fraud, with the leading cybersecurity firm*sGh4OEyqD4xIsh0ZMnjgSw.png

The transition to a digital lifestyle is happening at an accelerated pace, and WageCan can never emphasize too much our commitment to turn the payroll system into a hub for crypto innovation and enrich our users to seize the opportunity to hold cryptocurrency as a hedge against inflation and potential “safe-haven” asset where investors can park their money in times of political or economic turmoil. Welcome to learn more about WageCan’s mission and commitment to HR & Payroll Solutions at [email protected] and we will be there more than willing to assist you in any way.

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