Who need WageCan?


  • Access to international ATM networks
  • No chargebacks
  • Lower fees

International Workers

  • No bank account needed
  • Overseas ATM cash withdrawal
  • Lower fees


  • Set your address in mining pool
  • Top-up anytime
  • Lower fees

WageCan Prepaid Card*

Easy Apply

  • No credit checks
  • Multiple nationalities
  • e-Residency available

Easy Convert

  • via website
  • via mobile apps

Purchase Benefits

  • Online shopping available
  • Point of sale available
  • Cloud service supported

Easy Travel

  • More than 30 million ATM network
  • In more than 210 countries
  • Local currency cashout
* The prepaid card is denominated in fiat currency (or: USD, EUR, GBP). It can only be loaded with fiat currency (or: USD, EUR, GBP) and only facilitates spending in fiat currency (or: USD, EUR, GBP).

Your Country, We Deliver