Who need WageCan?


  • Get paid with converted blockchain assets
  • Access to international ATM networks
  • No chargebacks
  • Lower fees

International Workers

  • Get your wages with converted blockchain assets
  • No bank account needed
  • Overseas ATM cash withdrawal
  • Lower fees


  • Set your address in mining pool
  • Top-up anytime
  • Lower fees

WageCan Prepaid Card*

Easy Apply

  • No credit checks
  • Multiple nationalities
  • e-Residency available

Easy Convert

  • via blockchain assets address
  • via website
  • via mobile apps

Purchase Benefits

  • Online shopping available
  • Point of sale available
  • Cloud service supported

Easy Travel

  • More than 30 million ATM network
  • In more than 210 countries
  • Local currency cashout

Multiple Cards

  • One for home and another for work
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Virtual card available
* The prepaid card is denominated in fiat currency (or: USD, EUR, GBP). It can only be loaded with fiat currency (or: USD, EUR, GBP) and only facilitates spending in fiat currency (or: USD, EUR, GBP). You can load the card with the fiat currency (or: USD, EUR, GBP) that you receive in exchange for your virtual currency.

Your Country, We Deliver

What Our Customers Say

“The support at WageCan has always been good.
There will always be problems but the key is having people that are willing to work through problems when they come up and thas what you guys at WageCan have always done.”

Loren Mitchell

“Regardless of volatile pricing, WageCan has always provided me with competitive rates for my bitcoin where my card gets loaded for realtime access.
Their customer support has always been available for any card related issues responding same day to almost any concern. I don’t know about any other available Bitcoin cards because I get everything I need with WageCan.”

"Daniel I., Canada"

“One of the only legitimate btc services that will let you exchange btc for fiat and withdraw it or use at any location accepting credit card with their debit cards.”

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