Best Multifunctional Digital Asset HR & Payroll Solutions

Can cryptocurrencies transform the future of payroll execution or can they go on to become a substantial recruiting driver, especially the ones living in some of the biggest cities around the world? Just pick up any blockchain news magazine, the answer to all the questions mentioned above would be in the affirmative. Blockchain payment adoption is growing fast because it offers an easy way to send and receive payments on a global scale. In a world where people are using the Internet for all types of services, crypto is definitely the future. Besides promising the easiest way to manage asset portfolios for all kinds of digital asset management, WageCan is taking another giant step toward providing progressive business experience solutions. We continue to expand into new areas to meet the ever-growing demand for accessible avenues to multifunctional digital asset HR & Payroll solutions simultaneously.*V6mceLWbZhbnZyYcNrAdIw.png

WageCan has launched cutting-edge multifunctional digital asset HR & Payroll solutions with a focus on international and gig-economy companies, startups, and freelancers looking to pay employees or vendors online with cryptocurrency. It helps you with workforce management, benefits, compliance around the world, and provides complete automation of your HR and Payroll systems. Other than that, WageCan supplies one-stop wealth management services for users to invest in the portfolio once users receive their wages on the platform. Getting access to digital asset investment to the mainstream with even a small percentage of the salary periodically, every user can participate in the potential returns without having to deal with the complex technology typically associated with digital asset investments and create considerable wealth. Here’s all you need to know about the best service WageCan offers: what it is, how it works, and why any business running in the 21st century needs to get on board this productivity gravy train.

To show you how exactly WageCan digital asset HR & Payroll systems can provide flexibility to accommodate your needs and even boost your wealth, here are the main features about us:*RhFHYWSXsos1wg6G2jCRUg.png

Ⅰ. HR System:

  • Employer and employee portals and easy onboarding efficiently
  • Multiple permission settings
  • Everything is visible on the dashboard so that employers or freelancers can keep everything under control with no effort
  • APIs available for Integration
  • Track and calculate paid personal and leave requests
  • Applicant tracking in recruiting
  • Payroll Scheduling
  • Check personal salary history record
  • Cross-border payments with multi-currency support*pXMKNCP_0TT-3YEE2KzjDA.png

Ⅱ. Payroll System:

  1. Multi-cryptocurrency payments to employees and receive wages anywhere around the world
  2. Offer a variety of salary options:- Accept a portion or all of their salaries in cryptocurrency into the encrypted wallet- Deposit into prepaid debit cards or virtual cards which can be used daily
  3. Easy to pay contractors or employees living in remote areas with the options mentioned above
  4. Offer bonus or commission in cryptocurrency
  5. Seamlessly shift between digital currencies/assets on the go
  6. Instant, fast, and low-cost transaction
  7. Simplified cross-border payments for a global workforce
  8. High security on-chain, transparent, better in combating fraud
  9. Security is our foundation, not a feature

In conclusion, cryptocurrencies strengthen globalization by removing the hurdles to hire people around the globe. Think of people living in the middle east or African countries who can work with western and European companies and participate in the bigger economies. Mainstream awareness for the crypto market is growing, and we are encouraged to see expanding curiosity from a variety of people across all walks of life. Adoption of a crypto wage alternative is already happening. In February, Francis Suarez, mayor of Miami, suggested the city offer the option to its municipal workers and accept tax payments in cryptocurrency. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said the company is exploring paying employees in Bitcoin. The NBA’s Sacramento Kings also announced they would soon offer Bitcoin as a salary option for their whole organization. WageCan’s multifunctional digital asset HR & Payroll solutions can benefit both employees and employers, allowing for more freedom over funds and fast global payments. Our goal is simple: “Build Something Great” — delivering “ease, innovation, and sophistication in one neat package.” Learn more about WageCan’s mission and commitment to HR & Payroll Solutions at [email protected].

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