WageCan Rolls Out Next Generation Payroll Platform

Problems and Trend on the Market

There are many different types of management platforms on the market, and each construction company needs to use many different management platforms to achieve maximum benefits if it wants to fully manage its team and clients. And such a method not only wastes human resources to repeatedly input all relevant information but also increases the error rate, not to mention the cost is quite high. So most builders will choose manual methods or simple platforms but result in time-consuming and less-benefit management. Bundled payroll services have become a market trend due to the increasing market maturity of payroll outsourcing services. With the increasing demand for cost reduction and time efficiency by Multinational Corporations (MNCs), Multi-Country Payroll Outsourcing (MCPO) has emerged as a trend, growing at a rate of approximately 20 percent. The global market for payroll outsourcing is estimated to reach $10336 million by 2023 while growing at a constant CAGR of 4.4 percent with its market growth uniform across all regions.

Solution Provided

As the world situation changes over time, digital assets have gradually become the target of the investment to the new generation. WageCan Payroll Platform will be the first management platform that combines the construction management system with digital assets. Our Payroll Platform integrates company management, construction management, property management, customer service and assets management so that contractors can directly and effectively manage from the inside out on a single platform.

Payroll Platform at WageCan applies to companies, employees, manufacturers and tenants so that they can directly deposit their income into the prepaid card we provide for global use. It covers all management platforms which not only allows the builders to synchronize all personnel but also supervisors at all levels can remotely control the status of all personnel and the progress of the project, and vice versa; all personnel can also get the latest information simultaneously. Even if you are working from home due to the epidemic or traveling abroad, all information can be synchronized in no time. WageCan Payroll Platform currently mainly serves contractors and individual landlords and tenants in the US. For the property management part, no matter where the tenant is and which currency he uses, the rent can be directly paid globally via our global prepaid card. Our Payroll Platform allows users not only to manage their own businesses globally but also to use multicurrency payments to employees or receive wages anywhere around the world.

WageCan Features

● Trade digital assets: With upgraded Wallet, our wallet supports withdrawal to prepaid cards. Get paid to your wallet address and exchange it at a chosen rate.

● Daily-use digital asset wallet: Being the first startup that has provided solutions for both digital asset payroll and wallet with a prepaid card since 2015, WageCan has been solving the problems of digital asset payroll, trade, and payment by providing digital wallets and prepaid cards.

● International prepaid card: We empower you to use your money in your way on a borderless payment platform. Buy, store, exchange, and spend your digital currencies anytime, anywhere.

● Digital asset payroll system: WageCan offers free registration from anywhere in the world to receive, manage, trade their digital asset payroll internationally. Our cutting-edge software replaces manual reports, tracks costs, and eliminates errors to manage your global payroll through one dashboard.

● Digital construction management: Currently, a modern management platform combined with digital assets is being tailored for specific industries such as construction builders or contractors.

Visions — Reduce Paperwork, Automate Your Workflow, and Grow Your Business

● Complete end-to-end field service management

● Fully customizable software to suit your business

● Accessible on almost any device

● Comprehensive reporting on all aspects of your business

● Suitable for a range of industries

Currently there are a number of institutions or governments with which WageCan holds the same value and mission. Just like Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said, city employees should have the right to be able to take their salaries in Bitcoin if they choose; he further suggested that Miami residents should be able to pay their municipal fees and taxes using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The Miami government is “looking at” ways to pay municipal employees a percentage of their salary in bitcoin and allow residents to use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for payments and fees. The Dallas Mavericks announced the North Texas franchise will use BitPay, the world’s largest provider of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment services, to allow this new form of payment. BitPay CEO Stephen Pair said the Mavs franchise is a “long-time enthusiast of cryptocurrency” and that cryptocurrency is starting to become more accepted by more businesses. “The industry is reaching an inflection point that will forever change consumer confidence, trust and pave the way for blockchain payments to disrupt the way consumers and businesses receive and spend funds,” Pair said. Matt McDermott, Goldman Sachs’ head of digital assets, noted the crypto landscape of 2021 was a very different place to that of 2017, largely because of private banking clients and institutional demand — a feature that was almost entirely absent until recently.

WageCan Payroll Platform can never emphasize too much our commitment to turn the payroll system into a hub for crypto innovation and enrich our users to seize the opportunity to hold cryptocurrency as a hedge against inflation and potential “safe-haven” asset where investors can park their money in times of political or economic turmoil.

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