Seamless Crypto Integration: Wage3 and Ballet Join Forces

Wage3 and Ballet are thrilled to announce a new partnership, aiming to provide crypto users with a seamlessly integrated experience. This exciting collaboration promises to streamline the crypto usage journey and deliver a more comprehensive solution to users.

Wage3 provides flexible payment solutions with its WageCan physical prepaid card and PayWide web3 virtual prepaid card, offering both physical and virtual payment options. Meanwhile, Ballet provides a highly secure cold storage crypto wallet solution for hundreds of top crypto assets and NFTs based on the BIP38 open-source industry standard. The integration of both parties offers users a more comprehensive experience, enabling not only general wallet users but also Ballet Wallet users to make direct payments with a physical or virtual card, as well as withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide.

  • WageCan Physical Prepaid Card

WageCan is a pioneering platform that has been offering digital asset solutions through prepaid cards on a global scale since 2015. Its exceptional focus on security has propelled WageCan to the forefront of the industry, and it continues to work towards the adoption of Bitcoin solutions in the mainstream. Users can top up their WageCan cards with cryptos immediately once the KYC verification is completed and then freely use their cards at merchants worldwide that accept UnionPay International or Mastercard, as well as withdraw local currencies from ATMs globally without banks or centralized exchanges. 

  • PayWide Web3 Virtual Prepaid Card

PayWide web3 virtual prepaid card takes users’ privacy into account in all aspects. Users can simply link their Web3 wallet to the PayWide platform, top up, and use the funds instantly. No registration or personal information is needed or stored in the process. Upon card activation, users will acquire a VISA or MasterCard card number/expiration date/CVV code for online transactions or pay bills. In addition to supporting BNB, Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche, PayWide also plans to incorporate zkSync and Arbitrum in the near future as its layer 2 scaling solutions to expand capabilities and provide additional value for users.

  • Ballet – World’s Easiest Cold Storage Wallet

Ballet Global Inc. is a reputable US-based company specializing in developing easy, safe, and reliable crypto storage products. Founded in Las Vegas in 2019 by Bobby Lee and a team of international crypto industry veterans, Ballet enables the storage of thousands of top crypto assets and NFTs based on the BIP38 open-source industry standard. Ballet’s mission is to create a user-friendly and secure cold storage solution that simplifies the mainstream market’s cryptocurrency access and broadens the gateway for crypto users.

Through the alliance between Wage3 and Ballet, users can look forward to an enhanced crypto experience that is both comprehensive and convenient. With the ability to purchase identical products from both platforms’ websites and apps, users are presented with an all-encompassing solution that streamlines their crypto usage. Furthermore, this collaboration enables the seamless conversion of funds from Ballet, which can be utilized in diverse scenarios, including card payments and global cash withdrawals. We are thrilled to commemorate this partnership between Wage3 and Ballet, as it will undoubtedly create significant value and benefits for our users.

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