Start 2022 with Ultimately Full-Range Digital Getaways

Say Hello to 2022 with WageCan Business featuring all the best ever overall digital HR Payroll, Custody, Invoice, and more.

Back in 2021, a study showed that there is a high demand for digital payment abilities among both holders and non-holders. Currently, almost one out of four small and mid-size businesses (SMB) that participated in a survey by Visa said that they were planning to accept payments in digital assets such as Bitcoin. 73% of respondents stated that accepting new forms of digital payment options is a key factor that will affect business growth in 2022. Out of the 30 million+ digital asset owners in the U.S. & U.K., 55% would like to get paid their full salary in digital assets rather than fiat currencies, according to Paysafe. Over half (54%) of owners agree that digital asset is the future of finance and will take over as the dominant form of international currency.

To keep up with the ever-evolving trend, WageCan Business integrates an ultimate multifunctional digital getaway to offer the total solution for all kinds of asset management and distribution in the digital world for companies by supporting efficient workforce management, providing complete automation for any kind of payment, and hedging against inflation and the risk of fiat world. WageCan Business aims to assure your company gets overall saving and investing experiences to build your portfolio your way, hold onto excellent workers, and connect your business to the booming digital asset potentiality.  

WageCan Business Custody for Pension and More

WageCan Business Custody, part of our innovation journey, provides a variety of custody services in digital assets as the main axis. On one hand, companies are allowed to provide education funds and additional pensions on crypto investments to staff. On the other hand,  we support escrow funds for those who purchase physical or digital real estate as well. This expanded incentive offer not only embraces the growing trend toward the use of digital assets as a payment option for employers but also helps increase the pipeline of talent to benefit employers, startups, cities, local businesses and the region overall. WageCan Business Custody acts as a means of possessing great workers, enriching their wealth in great potentiality in the long run, and impacting every layer of an asset manager’s operations by significantly reducing the complexities of the industry, thus substantially influencing productivity and profitability trends for the industry.

Multifunctional HR Payroll Platform

While adoption of a crypto wage alternative is already happening, WageCan offers a complete automation HR system for workforce management along with digital payroll and bonus options that benefit both employers and employees, allowing for more freedom over funds and fast global payments. With a seamless shift between digital assets on the go, cross-border payments or invoices with multicurrency, including fiat and digital currency, can be sent and received on a global scale quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, users can get early access to all the services on our platform, including but not limited to investing in digital-related wealth management products and using digital WageCan Wiser Card to get instant access to spend crypto either online or in-store anytime globally. We can never emphasize too much our commitment to turning the payroll system into a hub for crypto innovation and enriching our users to seize the opportunity to hold digital currency as the potential “safe-haven” asset where investors can park their money in times of political or economic turmoil.

The broader world of digital assets is in the middle of a dramatic expansion and our framework of financial references is in the process of being significantly reshaped. Growing institutional adoption and the presence of more secure onramps to digital assets mean more planners are looking to dabble in the emerging asset class. WageCan will keep endeavoring to make big moves in digit asset services—and beyond. Secure your Pass to the digital world off right by joining us to search for plenty more value to go around.

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