WageCan Features in 2020

WageCan is the first international prepaid card provider since 2014 and has supported Estonia’s e-residency in the EU since 2016. Being a digital asset management platform offering state-of-the-art services for digital asset users, we have dedicated to providing the total solution for all kinds of asset management and distribution in the digital world.

Following Blockchain’s ideology, WageCan is a decentralized company allowing its customer service team to work anywhere in the world to provide support to customers around the clock. With better security, payment flexibility, lower transaction costs, and transparency, our strategy focuses on providing unparalleled support and innovation for leading asset management, distribution, and payroll solution in the digital world. We are continuing to update our development plans and our commitment to our customers remains our highest priority. As such, we are heading for extensive multi-products related to digital assets.


WageCan Features:

● Trade digital assets: With upgraded Wallet, our wallet supports withdrawal to our partner’s prepaid card. Get paid to your wallet address and exchange it at a chosen rate.

● Daily-use digital asset wallet: Being the first startup that has provided solutions for both digital asset payroll and wallet with a prepaid card, WageCan has been solving the problems of digital asset payroll, trade, and payment by providing digital wallets and prepaid cards.

● International prepaid card: We give you the power to use your money in your way on a borderless payment platform. Buy, store, exchange, and spend your digital currencies anytime, anywhere.

● Digital asset payroll system: WageCan offers free registration from anywhere in the world to receive, manage, trade their digital asset payroll internationally. Our cutting-edge software replaces manual reports, tracks costs, and eliminates errors to manage your global payroll through one dashboard.

● Digital construction management: Currently, a modern management platform combined with digital assets are being tailored for specific industries such as construction builders or contractors.


Being built on top of blockchain technology, WageCan has always committed to providing trustworthy products and staying responsible growth via planning to broaden its user base by relating to the above-mentioned industries. Come and join us at [email protected].

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