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* The prepaid card is denominated in fiat currency (or: USD, EUR, GBP). It can only be loaded with fiat currency (or: USD, EUR, GBP) and only facilitates spending in fiat currency (or: USD, EUR, GBP).

Prepaid Card (USD)

Truly worldwide shipping, outside of Europe included

$250 $225

$180 with WageCan referral code

  • 2 - 7 business days
  • Yes
  • DHL
  • FREE
  • FREE
  • 1 card
  • $ 6,000 /$ 13,000
  • $ 6,000 /No limit
  • $ 6,000 /$ 13,000
  • $ 6,000 /No limit
  • $ 6,000 /No limit
  • 2.5% (or minimum $ 3)
  • No limit
  • $ 1,000 Per transaction
  • $ 1,000 /$ 2,500
  • $ 1,000 /$ 25,000
  • FREE

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Which Card Is Available for Me

Due to the guidelines from different card issuers, we need to know your nationality and where you locate to determine which cards can be delivered to you.

(P.S. This test will NOT send to our databases, feel free to try)

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  •   Golden Card is Available!

Fee Standards of WageCan Card

Purchase TransactionFREE
ATM Transaction Domestic2.5% (a minimum of 3 USD)
ATM Transaction International2.5% (a minimum of 3 USD)
Inactivity Fee2 USD per monthIf there is no transaction within 6 consecutive months, a deduction will be conducted from the 7th month. If your balance is zero for more than 6 month, it will be cancelled automatically.
PIN Change FeeFREE
Foreign Transaction Fee1.5%Foreign transaction fee 1.5% will apply if either (a) the transaction effected in a foreign currency or (b) in the same currency but outside of Hong Kong or online merchants located overseas.
Card Replacement51.00 USD
Expired Card RenewalFREEUsers who top up more than 20,000 USD. User can get a new card for free. Others need to purchase a new card.
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee0.5 USD
Exception Processing Fee0.5 USDFor each transaction will apply if either
(a) within a month, the small transaction which is less than 1.5 USD (waived for the first 3 transactions), or
(b) within a month, the transaction being declined for 3 times in a rapid succession or totaled 5 times due to insufficient balance.

How to Apply?

Step 1 : Order

Order your card.

Step 2 : Fill

Fill out the Know Your Customer (KYC) form.

Step 3 : Upload

Upload Photo ID and Utility Bill Scan.

Step 4 : Top-up

Top-up your card.

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