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Employee Management

Companies can manage global employees on the WageCan platform, from onboarding, employee leave, to salary payment.

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Companies can directly use the WageCan platform for all-round management; on the other hand, employees are also able to direct investment or trading of digital assets for asset management on our platform as soon as they receive the salary.

With automate payments to reduce costs, cut down on manual labor, and increase security, WageCan assists company users to save countless hours spent on manual tasks, improve productivity by eliminating paper from your AP department, without ever losing control of funds by switching to paperless payments without outsourcing. Users easily and efficiently make “No Touch” payments─at anytime from anywhere, either by traditional or digital currency.

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Construction Management

From the very beginning of design, construction, payment to manufacturers, pay packages, progress monitoring, house delivery, and after-sales service, all you need is to use the same platform to achieve synchronization of all information anytime, anywhere, accelerate employee efficiency and reduce error rates.

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Property Management

WageCan provides multinational property management, comprehensive rental management service, and customer service.