HashCan Terms of Service

Apply Since: 2018-01-22

1. Introduction

HashCan ("Service") is provided by WageCan Inc. ("WageCan"). The Power Of Mining (“HashPower”) is provided by MyRig (https://myrig.com/). By placing an order to Service for purchasing HashPower, you are agreeing to the "WageCan Terms and Conditions of Use" (https://wagecan.com/terms) and are also agreeing to the following terms of services to become part of your agreement with WageCan Inc. The WageCan account(“Account”) is required for utilizing the Service.

You must fully read and accept to the HashCan Terms of services before engaging any business with WageCan Inc. for Service.

2. Purchase

You can purchase HashPower by placing an order to Service, however the order merely constitutes an invitation to offer, thus your offer may become pending and may requires further confirmation. WageCan reserves rights to accept or reject your order for any reasons. When your order is accepted by Service, the purchase is not refundable, even the effective date has not yet started.

3. InStock Effective Date

InStock HashPower becomes effective after 24 hours since the purchase accepted. Payout starts after 48 hours of the effective of your purchase.

4. Presale Effective Date

Presale HashPower will become effective on the effective date specified. Payout starts after 48 hours of the effective date specified once your order is accepted.

5. Payout

The mining rewards (“Payout”) will send to your specified Payout address. WageCan and MyRig reserve the rights to skip, suspend, or stop the Payout due to irresistible factors such as act(s) of God.

6. Invalidity

When following conditions happen, Payout from any purchased item(s) will be stopped, your purchase will be invalid and you will become unavailable for further purchases:

  1. The miners hosting fees become greater than mining rewards happen on the product.
  2. MyRig stop providing the product.
  3. WageCan stop providing the product.
  4. Irresistible factors such as act(s) of God.
  5. Your Account is suspended or deleted.

7. Pricing

HashPower prices will be listed at the time of purchase, The Service may quote a different price by applying a discount plan or when you starts a new order. The price is quoted in BTC and BCH and will charge from your Account only at the time of order.

8. Restrictions

You may only use Service for your personal and non-commercial use.

HashCan may impose a limit on the quantity of a particular HashPower that you may purchase.