About WageCan


Founded in 2014, WageCan is a Taiwan based team which offers a blockchain asset wallet for web and mobile apps. Our objective is to connect virtual with the real world. WageCan enables blockchain asset to fiat currency exchange with convenient spending and cash out options through its innovative debit card.

Most of the people have the problem of spending their blockchain asset in the real world. Currently, blockchain asset exchange platforms work with bank accounts which is location limited. WageCan offers free registration from anywhere in the world and allows faster and easier access to fiat currency through our debit card and wallet.

Spending blockchain asset in the real world is challenging. Through our debit card, one can have access to their money everywhere in the world. We provide our service to 210 countries and a 30 million ATMs network at competitive exchange rates. Every card has a address for blockchain asset, so it's easy and convenient to receive payments from around the world!


Franky Hu

Chief Executive Officer

Franky is a tech geek, software architect, entrepreneur, traveler and photographer. He started to use and hold blockchain assets in early 2013. Before he founded WageCan, he was the founder and CEO of Zoaks, a mobile app design and development firm.

He graduated from National Taiwan Normal University with a Master's degree and Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering Lab, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering. He was a team member and lecturer of the Programming Club during his school days, where he was in charge of training contestants for the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. Prior to startup businesses, he spent a year as the research assistant for physics education in Academia Sinica.

Based in Taipei, Taiwan he also travels frequently to the United States and European Union. Professional expertise are software engineering, software visualization, tech startups & project management.

Rovers Yang

Chief Technology Officer

Rovers has 12 years of IT and computer science experience in many industries, including civil engineering, biological engineering, intelligent transportation systems, finance, and blockchain assets. He loves coding and designing systems with a modern approach. He was also a blockchain assets miner and has a great passion to facilitate the whole new economics around blockchain assets.

Bryan Cheng

Chief Operating Officer

Bryan is an entrepreneur with more than six years startup and web development experience. He has managed over 10 projects and products in two years with his rich experience. At WageCan he manages the web and mobile apps developers.

Sean Lin

Chief Financial Officer

Sean is an enthusiastic trader and programmer. With expertise in computer science, Sean is good at financial analysis and algorithmic trading.

Sean's extensive experience in automated trading has seen his trading volume up to 13 million US dollars in the past 2 years, and in 2014 he made an outstanding growth of 600% on his assets. His role at WageCan is to manage blockchain assets investments and hedge company funds.


Eric Lin

Eric is the founder of Symbiosis, a software consulting firm that has served over 750 businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies across North America. Eric graduated from the Art Center College of Design in 1999 with BS in product design.

Prior starting Symbiosis, Eric was the creative director at E-Commerce software firm AutoTOOLS, Inc. Eric has launched E-Commerce projects for clients such as Intel, Ericsson, Mercedes Benz and Penske Motorcars.